We provide learning opportunities from the little ones to the senior citizens to help others to personally know the God of creation, His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.  We enable people to grow in their faith through study of the Holy Bible and shared learning with others.  It is our intent to help others understand our historic faith and doctrine as Presbyterians and to encourage social interaction within the church that leads to shared faith.  Faith is not always about what you know and often times take on a deeper meaning through relationships with those whom you get to know. 
Our specific duties typically involves providing and coordinating:
Sunday school programs
Youth programs
Nursery care during worship service and special events
Vacation bible school
Special study groups and devotions during the year, Lent and Advent
Support others that work directly with youth
Educational materials, devotionals, curriculum, bibles, videos
Appropriate design and atmosphere of learning facilities
Workshops, conferences, and retreats
Active committee chairperson and serving elder(s) - Jan Smith
If you would like more information or wish to join this committee then please contact the church office or the active committee chairperson and serving elder(s).   
Office phone: 248.673.7805