Have you ever been hungry?  

If you know you are going to be able to eat sometime soon it's not bad; our bodies are reminding us it's time to refuel.  But if you don't know when you're going to eat next then that's very different.  Even worse if you don't know if you can feed your hungry children that's crushing.  

Well you can make a difference!  Did you know that 17 years ago, leaders from the Presbyterian church, Lutheran church, and Catholic Churches in Waterford got together to found our first annual Crop Walk for Hunger in Waterford.  Today, there are walkers from a dozen churches, schools, and agencies.  This past Fall, we raised over 8,500.00 to fight world hunger. Over the years, we have raised well over 100,000.00 to stop hunger! The support of Church World Service sends aid throughout the United States, internationally, and one fourth of the funds raised Remain in the Local Community. Worthy programs and projects include funds for seeds and tools for the self development of people, food and medicine, aid for natural disaster relief, providing clean water, digging wells, fighting disease, and reaching victims of famine, flood, and refugees in war torn regions of the world.

The CROP Walk is a multi-generational community-wide event held in Waterford each autumn, on the first Sunday in October. It raises funds to combat poverty and respond to critical hunger needs and disaster relief. Church World Service, the organization that distributes CROP Walk funds, is known for its effective and efficient programs, which are implemented through local partnerships in 80 countries, such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and a variety of African countries.

Church World Service  requires that each CROP Walk donate 25% of funds raised to local charities:
The Baldwin Center, Open Door Outreach, Waterford Meals on Wheels, and Good Samaritan Food Depot.

CROP stands for Community Response to Overcome Poverty. Walkers from numerous local churches follow routes of 1.5, 3, or 5 miles.  

Thank you for your ongoing support of the work of Church World Service.

If you want more information then please contact Carol Axford at (248) 252-5771.