We are the stewards of the church.  Our mission is to harvest, cultivate, and share each individual's particular gifts to share in the governing and ministry of the church.  We are chosen by the people of the congregation and together with the clergy we exercise leadership, government, and discipline and take responsibility for the life of the church.  We strive to be people of faith, dedication, and good judgement.  Most importantly we strive to lead by example by living our lives according to the teachings of the Christian gospel.  

Members elected to the Board of Elders serve for 3 year terms.

The Board of Elders is typically comprised of 12 officers elected by our congregation.  

Click on Elder Responsibilities for synopsis of expectations and responsibilities.

The day to day work of our church is managed primarily by people serving on or through our Committees.  Each committee has at least one ruling elder that serves as the chairperson of that particular committee in addition to other members of the congregation.  

If you would like more information or wish to serve on the Board then please contact the church office.  

Office phone: 248.673.7805