We work hard to make sure the resources are available to carry out the important work of our church and our Lord Jesus Christ.  Proper financial management is paramount to helping us achieve our goals.  We maintain a conservative financial plan so that we can be there to help when individuals and communities need our help.  Our financial planning team actively communicates the financial status and health of the church to the congregation, determines the financial needs and helps guide the congregation to provide the appropriate levels of stewardship to achieve the goals they set, guides the manages the building and property needs, and handles insurance and emergency needs to help ensure the longevity and solvency of the church. 
Our specific duties typically involve:
Create and manage the financial plan including the annual budgets.
Furnish financial reports to Session and Congregation.
Practice and maintain proper accounting structure and procedures.
Maintain accountability for income and expenses.
Establish and manage financial and fund raising plans, when necessary, to raise the level of financial commitments to meet the needs of the church.
Active committee chairperson and serving elder(s) - Robert Simmons 
If you would like more information or wish to join this committee then please contact the church office or the active committee chairperson and serving elder(s).   
Office phone: 248.673.7805
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