With God's love and grace to guide us, we work through faith to do our Master's will for the congregation of believers.  We seek new ways to involve fellow Christians in the worship of the Almighty God, through the Word, Song, Sacraments, and Deeds. Our commitment is to support the Pastor, Music Directors, and the Congregation so that Praise of Our Heavenly Father is the focus of our worship. 
Our specific duties typically involve:
Finding greeters, ushers, and liturgists from the Congregation to help welcome people to our church home and to help lead our Worship service. 
Providing vocal and instrumental music each week. 
Managing Communion as required. Finance & Stewardship
Recording and distributing all services for shut-ins and others that cannot attend. 
Working with clergy and church staff in planning Worship services and special events.
Managing the sanctuary sound booth and sound systems. 
Recruiting and training acolytes. 
Changing and caring for liturgical banners and pulpit cloth. 
Click on greeter or usher for an overview of typical responsibilities. 
Active committee chairperson and serving elder(s) - Lorre Sweetman
If you would like more information or wish to join this committee then please contact the church office or the active committee chairperson and serving elder(s).  
Office phone: 248.673.7805
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