Our church began when four local ladies began a Sunday school in 1927-28.  Our Drayton congregation was formally organized on May 7, 9128, with 15 members on the rolls.  Three months later, the Rev. Clarence Sutton began his work as a missionary pastor; and services were held in Drayton Plains Elementary School.  That same year, the Board purchased the property upon which our church now stands.  The first sod was turned on December 2, 1928, the cornerstone laying held on May 19, 1929, and the original unit was dedicated on October 6, 1929.  by February of 1930, the congregation has grown to 85.
In 1932, the congregation issued a formal call to the Rev. Paul Sutton to become the first official pastor of the church.  Our tradition of being a mission-minded church originated with him.  Leaving in 1948, Pastor Sutton left a legacy of a strong sense of stewardship and mission in the membership.
In 1948, the Rev. Walter Teeuwissen, Jr. (“Pastor Tee”) accepted the call to become our new pastor.  He taught us that our church should be dedicated to the community, drawing others to Chris.  Under Pastor “Tee’s” leadership, the membership grew to 300 in 1950.  Ground was broken on June 21, 1953 for the educational wing of our church.  Our new sanctuary was also built; and the first service on April l3, 1960, found it filled to capacity.  Membership at that time had climbed to 616, with Sunday school enrollment at 1257.  Pastor Teeuwissen left after 23 years in a fruitful ministry.
In 1972, the congregation issued a call to the Rev. Robert W. Richter.  Home Bible Study groups and a new focus on youth were begun with him.  He enabled many in our congregation to expand their abilities in service to the church.  Our fourth pastor, the Rev. Alfred Nead, was installed in 1981.  He brought warm fellowship and organization skills to our members.  Our St. Andrew’s Day celebration began with Pastor Nead.
Rev. Dr. Thomas Hartley accepted the church’s call to serve as our fifth pastor and was installed in 1990.  Pastor Tom has added preaching and teaching skills to our church’s life.  He began having the children come forth for the Children’s Message on Sunday and shared his gifts as a counselor and comforter.  Pastor Hartley retired in June of 2016.
A church’s history is written in people.  The Lord Jesus Christ is in our midst and by His grace this church has been built, and He continues to minister through His Holy Spirit.