Live to Serve One Another

We are a warm and friendly congregation.  One of our distinct traits is active involvement of multiple generations of family members.  Children, parents, and grandparents all worship together each and every week. 

We invite you to worship with us! Our Adult Sunday School, Worship Hour, Youth Sunday School, and Nursery Care are designed to meet the needs of all ages.  Our style of worship and local mission in the community strongly reflects our Presbyterian heritage.  We involve both clergy and lay leadership by the people, fun children’s chat time with the Pastor, Chancel and Hand bell choirs for all ages, and practical Biblical teaching. 

We are a strong Presbyterian family of faith who respects the authority of Scripture, holds a rich Confessional Heritage, and offers countless opportunities to do what Jesus Christ himself did each and every day and that was serving others.  We not only worship together but also work and play together throughout the year at our numerous popular Fellowship Events.  

If you are in search of a new home we cordially invite you to consider joining our community of faith.  At CPC we receive new members by Confession of Faith, Reaffirmation of Faith if you've already been baptized, and by Letter of Transfer from another church.  Our front door is always open!  Please come meet our family!