Think of us as the church's human resources team. 
We serve by overseeing the administration of the church to ensure that it's always in the right hands of qualified stewards doing the work of the Lord Jesus Christ day in and day out.  We manage its employees, benefits, job descriptions, and working relationships. 
We work hard to promote an atmosphere of cooperation, compassion, Christian spirit, and accountability among our staff and colleagues in ministry. 
Our specific duties typically involve:
Organizing and implementing employee hiring and contracting as needed.
Overseeing employee performance reviews.
Creating and updating job descriptions. 
Assisting and guiding other committees regarding personnel relations, salaries, and benefits issues and questions as they arise.
Managing staff schedules and arranging/compensating guest preachers, organists, and any one brought in to lead us in our times of Worship.  
Active committee chairperson and serving elder(s) - Nancy Hunt
If you would like more information or wish to join this committee then please contact the church office or the active committee chairperson and serving elder(s).  
Office phone: 248.673.7805