All children who are able to sing up through the age of 7 are invited to sing in the sunbeam choir.  The Sunbeams meet and sing on select Sundays about once per month from October through June in addition to participation in the special concerts and Christmas Play.  See the schedule below for specific dates.

All practices will be held after church on the Sunday prior to singing and 30 minutes before Church (9:20am) on the date we will be singing. 

In order to keep practices brief, it is critical for your child(ren) to learn the songs at home! A CD is provided with the songs and music at the onset of each season.  Extra CDs are loacted in the Narthex of the church on the Sunbeam bulletin board by the parlor/ library.  

Repetition is the key! As always, I welcome any suggestions or input. 

Choir Schedule:
Coming soon!