The role of the Trustees is to maintain and manage the building and grounds, equipment and furnishings, and overall appearance of our church and property.  The physical appearance, practical maintenance, efficient operation of equipment, facility and property condition all contribute to the quality of life of the church.  Thus we strive to make the church environment comfortable and clean to support the staff and congregation in their daily work and service in the name of Jesus Christ. 
Our specific duties typically involve:
Painting interior and exterior of the facility
Cleaning and replacing windows and doors
Maintaining electrical equipment throughout the church, i.e. sound systems, elevator, etc.
Preparing the facility for Worship and other events, i.e. setting thermostats, fans, etc.
Opening and closing and securing the building after Worship services and other events
Managing the use of building and maintaining the parking lots
Scheduling inspectios to remain up to date with local safety regulations and codes, i.e. fire suppression systems, elevators, etc.
Maintaining all insurance policies
Maintaining updated building use agreements and fee structure
Negotiating and managing contracts with outside organizations
Making recommendations and acquiring bids for building improvements when necessary
Creating and submitting and budget each year for Session approval
If you have an event that requires the help of the custodian then please
click on Custodial Request Form and print it out and follow the instructions. 
Active committee chairperson and serving elder(s) - Gary Edwards and Gary Eichbrecht
Needless to say our home is like yours in that something always needs to be done and there can never be enough worker bees to get it all done. 
If you would like more information or wish to join this committee then please contact the church office or the active committee chairperson and serving elder(s).   
Office phone: 248.673.7805