Come Join Us!

We like to have fun together and promote the mission of the church.  Year round we host fundraising activities to help pay for our activities such as our annual summer mission trip to the New Wilmington Missionary Conference.  

Several Sundays during the year we mix it up a bit by taking the reins and leading the Worship service.  We typically prefer to send our messages through skits and contemporary music.  

The youth host monthly Brunches to help raise funds for their mission projects, field trips, and regular activities.

Each year we make a pilgrimmage to the New Wilmington Missionary Conference at Westminster College in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania. The New Wilmington Conference is annually held on the last week of July.  Each summer adults and youth from about 20 States gather together for bible study, fellowship, recreation, worship and drama, and the opportunity to hear many missionaries from all over the globe! The annual event draws over 1500 youth, adults, and families to Westminster College! Call the church office, or talk with a member of our mission committee, or youth group for more information.  Friends are welcome to attend this fantastic annual summer mission trip!

In addition to participating in churchwide fellowship, we are busy...

Leading Worship service using drama skits and contemporary music
Hosting Bible Read-a-thon fundraiser
Hosting Career night
Hosting breakfast and lunch fundraisers
Providing support through Compassion International to "Fernando"
Sorting food for the Baldwin Center for Thanksgiving food bank
Playing Whirlyball
Playing laser tag
Camping and boating at Fox Farms
Leading Worship services at Grace Center of Hope